7 Ways To Get More Bathroom Storage

You've got your vanity, but you still need more storage. Now what? There are plenty of ways to sneak extra storage into your bathroom. From cabinets, to shelves and accessories, here are 7 of our favourite bathroom storage tips.

Shaving Cabinets

Face level storage is the unsung hero of the bathroom world. You'd have a mirror there anyway, so why not get some extra storage out of that space? Shaving Cabinets can fit a surprising number of items, and keep your benchtop free from clutter.

1. Shelf Shaving Cabinet

2. Stadium Shaving Cabinet

3. Moonlight Shaving Cabinet

4. London Shaving Cabinet

5. Pill Shaving Cabinet

6. Glacier Shaving Cabinet

7. Gloss Silk Shaving Cabinet

Recessed Shower Shelf

If you are renovating your bathroom we would highly recommend putting in a recessed shower shelf. They are unbelievably convenient, and you'll never have a collection of shampoo bottles lying messily on the shower floor again.

1. Interiors Addict

2. Zephyr + Stone

3. Coco Camellia, Photography by The Palm Co.

4. Zephyr + Stone


Tallboys provide extra cabinet storage and come in a range of depths, heights, shapes and sizes. From mirrored fronts to pigeon hole shelves, a tallboy is the best way to get a large amount of extra bathroom storage.

1. Glacier Tallboy Large

2. Pill Tallboy

3. Emporia Tallboy

4. London Tallboy

5. Emporia Tallboy

6. Glacier Tallboy Small


Floating cabinets and open shelves can be a great way to add the extra storage exactly where you need it. Choose a finish that matches your vanity, or go for a contrasting colour and turn it into a statement piece.

1. Gino Cassetto

2 & 3. Gino Concealed Vitrina

4. Gino Open Vitrina

5 & 6. Gino Open Palchetto


Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, making them the perfect accessory and storage item in one. Pop them onto shelves, group them in a corner or tuck them under a wall hung vanity. The possibilities are endless with baskets.

1. Domino

2. The Stables

3. 100 Layer Cake


Ladders are great because they're inexpensive, don't need to be installed during a renovation, and you can move them around. Plus they are as pretty as they are functional, which is a win-win in our books.

1. Summer All-Drawer

2. Sarah Sherman Samuel

3. The Local Project, Photography by Tom Blachford

4. W. Collective Interiors


Hooks are an easy way to add more storage without taking up much room. Not just for towels, hooks can be used for hanging robes, hair dryers, hair straighteners and makeup bags. Add one for every family member, and match the finish of your hooks to your tapware for a chic look.

1. Brooklyn Robe Hook in Matte Black

2. Studio McGee

3. Carla Natalia