Environmentally Mindful

Architectural Designer Products is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our CEO Andrew Jones leads our company’s environmental philosophy, and strives to ensure sustainable production processes within every aspect of our business. ADP has a strong waste reduction focus in line with Just-In-Time manufacturing practices, as well as ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. Using the closed loop “cradle-to-grave” methodology, ADP has implemented environmental practices at every point in our manufacturing process.


We purchase timber based products from local suppliers that hold a Level A Green Tag™ Certification, Forest Stewardship Council® Certification (FSC®), and E0 formaldehyde emission rating. We work closely with these suppliers to ensure that board waste is recycled and turned back into new wood products. We extract all machinery dust fibres through our dust extraction systems and collect all board off-cuts. They are returned to our supplier weekly, to be recycled back into new board. Along with efficient manufacturing methods, all boards are cut to maximise material use, ensuring waste reduction.


We are committed to making sure that any of our municipal waste that can be diverted is not reaching landfill. All cardboard is sorted separately, and is collected to be recycled and turned into new paper based products.


All Cherry Pie, Friday™ and stone based product offcuts

are sent to a local stone recycling centre in the Illawarra, where they are turned into aggregate and road base.

As part of ADP’s best environmental practice, we have continued to invest in world class machinery, including an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) recycling machine. This diverts 100% of our EPS waste from landfill. It is collected and can be reconstituted back into usable products such as children’s toys and bike helmets.

Our Philosophy

We’re proud to include Bamboo as part of our material offering, and this reflects ADP’s commitment to renewable resources and best environmental practices. Bamboo is a renewable “green” resource and is the fastest growing plant in the world, allowing it to fully regenerate after harvest. This makes it a sustainable material and an excellent choice for our products.


Our environmental philosophy drives every aspect of our manufacturing process. We strive to minimise waste and maximise efficiency, whilst maintaining sound environmental practices. We pride ourselves on our continual commitment to this area of our business.